Tomato Sauce by Casa Iuorio


In addition to our amazing sauce we have a pleasure to introduce Tomato Sauce by Casa Iuorio. You can find selections of typical Italian tradition tomato sauce taste.

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Vegetables processed by hand in their laboratory, located right on the fields. In this way they decrease the steps of the production chain and guarantee the freshness of each preparation.

They cultivate vegetables, in open fields. Raw materials, vegetables and tomatoes that come from seeds of local autochthone varieties.

The culture of raw materials, the knowledge of good products and the best preparation processes means for us the respect of our origins.

Only in this way  Casa Iuorio can offer healthy and good products and at the same time preserve the biodiversity of the places where we grew up.

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Peeled “conteso” long tomatoes in juice, Pacchetelle “pizzutello” tomatoes filletes natural, Pacchetelle of yellow cherry tomatoes natural, Whole yellow datterino cherry tomatoes natural, Whole red datterino cherry tomatoes natural, Whole red datterino cherry tomatoes in tomato juice, Salsa red cherry tomato puree, Salsa yellow cherry tomatoe puree