Sheep&Goat’s cheese spread by Malvizza


Gelò spreads are ideal for giving an extra touch to the preparation of dishes but also savored in their absolute simplicity, perfect with a slice of fresh bread or a cracker to make a delicious Aperitivo even more original.
They are available in various flavors, all to try.

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The Malvizza company was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Gerardo Marano and Loredana Tozza, and from the love of both for genuine and quality products and for their land, Irpinia.

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Goat, Goat – Tangerine, Goat – Lemon, Goat – Orange, Goat – Truffle, Goat – Orsino Garlic, Sheep, Sheep – Cacio e Pepe, Sheep – Pistachio, Sheep – Truffle